The years of youth

Our team, as, started operating in summer of 2010. Our occupation with e-commerce began at an earlier time point using eBay, the well known auctions & sales website. Back then, we were selling technology accessories. Back in – distant anymore – 2010, the lack of technical expertise and capital led us into usage of cost-free technologies such as Google's blogger or Facebook's fanpages.

The first touch with open-source in the form we know it nowadays, that is to say in autonomous e-shop in which only the CEO & Founder of the company - mr. Kogkalidis A. Konstantinos - has full access, began in January of 2012. We ended up looking for a reliable open-source software with big community in case of need for assistance. We "stumbled" on Prestashop. We loved it. From time to time it displeased us. But which love is "rosy". I will never be expended in comments against the competitive players of the market. Every single one of them use high quality technology, given the fact that they survive in international level. Using presta was just a matter of chance. In place of it, could be opencart or magento. As long as the platform you use fulfills your needs, it is sufficient for you. For somebody else, may be not. Back then we were using another domain name for the website. That was, because of Konstantinos' hometown, Milopotamos of Drama.

Genuine professionals

Having read technical books, we understood the mistake we did in choosing the right domain name. So we obverted in domain name with greek ending (.gr), being easy to remember by the potential clients and indeed something symbolic. To have a deeper meaning. In greek language "ta panda" means "everything". We were surprised though when we found out that was available. Of course we booked it without backthoughts. Nowadays we operate exclusively in providing services that relate to web, such as hosting, domain name booking, issuing safety certificates (SSL). But our spearhead is the platform that Bruno Leveque and Igor Schlumberger created, that we trust it for developing e-shops. Particularly since 2016, our company broadened its sector of the services provided as we specialize now in developing modules that add functionalities to the french platform.

Staff's philosophy

If you contact our staff, you will realize that our entire life is focused on new technologies and the perpetual search of methods that will improve the standard of living of our strained - by economic crisis and not only - fellow citizens. In the little free time left, we travel. Even if you do not cooperate with us, even a few minutes of conversation with each of you gives us knowledge and inspiration for new thoughts and projects for the future. Because each of you is unique.

We wish therefore wholeheartedly to every single one of you - relatives, friends, staff, customers, suppliers, competitors and everybody else - to be healthy and happy. Remember. When we die, everything remains here. So try in your life to make benevolences and leave a legacy for the generations to come.

You only live once

Kogkalidis A. Konstantinos

CEO & Founder of