We have not yet adapted our website to the GDPR. It's an ongoing process for the moment.

We track the data you gave us via any kind of form (such as an address, name etc). Out of that, we track (anonymously) your shopping behavior using cookies.

Any of this information will never be deleted from our infrastructure.

Out of that, third parties (Google, Facebook banks etc) may track you for targetted advertisement or a simple transaction.

For security reasons, we never keep any sensitive data like card numbers. We do respect your privacy and try to keep our system as safe as possible. When you want to pay via credit card, you get redirected to the bank environment. Over there, based on your actions the bank returns a status and based on its success (or not) we validate the specific order.

For the moment being, in case you need a copy of your data, send us a message via the contact form.