General terms


This document has been written in Greek. To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Greek version, the Greek version controls.

1. Terms update

We have the right to modify this document data without your notice. The power of the new regulations is immediate, effective until further notice, cancels any previous update and is not retroactive. So we recommend you to check this document regularly about regulations update, add and / or delete. Nevertheless, we may post these changes to obvious spots of the website. This action, however, lies in our discretion.

2. Website content

We endeavor to keep the content - we post on the website - as accurate and descriptive as possible. After all, unintentional mistakes may arise, due to the human factor or the force majeure. For this reason, we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation, towards the immediate solution of any problem.

3. Copyrights

The website and its content - posted by the employees, the customers, the security authorities or/and any other entity involved - constitute our copyright else if concerns bought material intact use, where beneficiary is the legal owner, or is explicitly stated anything different. Noted that in case we use any content that for its final result we rely partially on content that we do not own the copyright, the respective owner keeps the right on his/her content, but the copyright for the finished product belongs exclusively to us. The content, including graphics, software, photos, text and any other content type has been posted because of:

  • creation from scratch in suitable application
  • edit of publicly available - free of charge - content
  • use of legally bought material license
  • our own efforts
  • post by a user/client, supplier, partner or/and an authority representative

and combination of the above, as well.

It is strictly prohibited to republicate, copy, appropriate either part or the whole website, either after modification or not, without written permission by Konstantinos A. Kogkalidis.

4. User/client obligations

a. Material content

It is prohibited to use the website in order to post, publish, send via e-mail or transmit via any other way content that contains hatred, propaganda, is illegal, cause illegitimate affront or/and damage - of any kind - to the website or/and any involved entity, is threatening, annoying, violates the website privacy, expresses discrimination of any kind, may cause verbal, psychological or/and other kind of abuse, breaks - either intentionally or not - the Greek and international law, contains other users' data or/and disobeys the rules of this document. Consequently, the user/client is bound to use the website according to the law, the terms of this document and act in the context of good faith and the transactions morals.

b. Labour privacy & patents

You are bound not to share any kind of information that you do not own its transmission right, as defined by the law or/and the managerial relations (like internal information, ownership or/and confidential information that were obtained or revealed in the context of labour relations or they are protected by confidentiality agreement), break any patent, trademark, commercial secret, copyright or/and any other kind of ownership rights that belong to another natural or legal entity.

c. Malicious users

It is prohibited to use the website in order to post, publish, send via e-mail or transmit via any other way content that contains software viruses or/and other scripts, files or/and software with a view to interrupting, causing any harm, destructing, spying or/and undermining of the functionality of any kind of software and hardware.

5. Disclaimer

The company is not responsible for technical problems that may occur during browsing the website or/and are related to shutdown, malfunction or/and are infrastructure incompatibility that is related to the user, the telecommunications provider, the electricity provider or/and another entity involved.

In the context of trade with customers, suppliers or/and another entity, we shirk any responsibility for compensation due to accidental damage - either monetary or not - that may occur because of orders cancellation, non-execution or/and execution delay due to any reason.

We do not guarantee the displayed products' availability - as they pass through many levels to be delivered to us. However, based on the records we keep, we inform the customer about the products' availability. Additionally, in case of these records alteration, we ought to let the buyer know on time. Consequently, we disclaim any further liability. The e-shop provides the content (eg products names, descriptions, photos, videos etc), the products and the services "as is". We disclaim any responsibility in any circumstances either civilly or criminally for financial loss or loss of another kind - that briefly and never restrictively, concerns data or/and profit leak - that the user/client or third party may undergo as a result of causes that relate to the way you use the website or/and its functionality or/and third party intervention weakness into information or/and products or/and services or/and information or/and products or/and services provision.

Furthermore, we disclaim any responsibility comes of another website use (eg social media etc) and its data.

6. Holidays

The following dates are defined as holidays:

  • 1st and 2nd of January (New Year & 2nd day)
  • 6th of January (Epiphany)
  • Clean Monday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday preceding it (Carnival & Clean Monday - movable feast)
  • 25th of March (Annunciation & 1821 Anniversary)
  • G. Thursday, G. Friday, G. Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday (Easter - movable feast)
  • 19th of May (Pontian Genocide by the Turks)
  • 21st of May (Personal reasons)
  • 15th of August (Assumption)
  • 14th of September (Exaltation of Holy Cross)
  • 29th of September (Massacre Drama by the Bulgarians)
  • 26th, 27th & 28th of October (Saint Dimitrios, patron saint of Mylopotamos - 1940 Anniversary)
  • 4th of December (Santa Barbara - the patron Santa of Drama)
  • 24th, 25th & 26th of December (Christmas)
  • 30th & 31st of December (Personal reasons)

Likewise occasionally conferences and other kinds of events - related to the overall computers industry - are being organized across the globe. Sometimes we organize by ourselves such kind of events either other organizers invite us to participate or we show interest as plain public.

So we reserve the right to absent ourselves, but in case we make plans for a trip due to this or another business purpose, we will not post any information - even on the official website or on the social networks or other websites - is related with the trip (for security and other reasons).

Hence, the customers' support and the overall communication (with customers, suppliers etc) on these days lies in our discretion. In addition, for better customers service and user experience we recommend e-mails as the best contact way. Once we receive and examine your request, we judge if it is urgent and act accordingly.

Personal data

1. Security

Security is one of the most vital issues for a website. For this reason, we take measures to ensure the safety of both the data you share with us - such as personal information or transactions details - and your data, derived from aggregated reports or other forms of treatment. Thus, your data is confidential and the security is obtained by the following methods:

a. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

This technology is based on a key that encrypts the data before sending them from the browser to the database and decrypts them to be inserted as new rows or/and to update existing ones. Data recovery - for viewing or editing - from the database is encrypted and decrypted the same way.

b. IP Address

This is a unique number for each device and indicates (approximately) your location. This information is for internal use only. However, it can be disclosed only by court order.

c. User/Customer identification

An e-mail and a password are required in order to log in the website and gain access to your personal information and orders. To prevent massive violation effort of accounts, we have added the reCaptcha system. For further protection against potential malicious use, the following actions are recommended:

  • Use of large and complex password that includes numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase from different languages.
  • Password regular alteration.

Nevertheless, in case you have identified unauthorized use of your account, you have lost your login credentials or/and they have been revealed to third party, let us know as soon as possible in order to take appropriate action.

In any case, you are exclusively responsible for your login credentials maintenance, the secrecy of your account, its own and its data integrity.

d. reCaptcha

This technology belongs to Google and aims to prevent massive cyberattacks. It adds an additional safety net, which identifies if the user is real and not a malware.

e. Automatic disconnection

We have set up time limit disconnection both in front-office and back-office. Every time you interact with a page of the website, the script calculates the time difference between this and the previous time you interacted.

If this difference is equal to or greater of the respective setting, you will be disconnected automatically and the timer will be reset. Otherwise, the timer will be reset again - to measure the next difference. This practice is followed by many websites to protect you, your personal information and your transactions data, as well.

2. Privacy

Rest assured that we preserve the professional secrecy, no doubt. The legal framework and all forms of regulations - state, other public authority, internal or third party - that the regular transactions fall under, apply to the electronic ones, as well. Under these arrangements, the measures we have taken are:

a. Access to your data by authorized personnel

Only authorized personnel have access to your information and only when necessary, such as processing a transaction.

b. Data disclosure

We do not disclose personal information, transactions details and any kind of information relates to customers, suppliers, employees, sponsors or any other entity, unless written authorization - given by the involved party, containing date not older than two (2) months - has preceded and court, or any other public authority, decision has been taken that clearly states their disclosure.

c. Transactions with third parties

In case of a transaction with a third party - in order to serve you, resolve problems and in general maintain the proper functionality and development of our commercial activities - we care about the confidentiality of the natural or/and legal entities we cooperate with.

However, to ensure confidentiality, you ought also to treat your information as confidential and never disclose them to third parties.

3. Data modification

You have every right to the update, the add, the delete or/and the retrieval of your personal information, your orders and any other information concerning you and relates to the services we provide.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if we receive instructions by the police or another authority, we will cooperate as we have to, while we do not know and cannot predict the context under which we will function in such a case. Anyway, we will let you know posting a newer notice if it is allowed.


1. Orders

We do not accept phone orders to avoid mistakes and tensions.

The orders - to be valid and go on with their preparation - have to be fully pre-paid using one of the payment methods.

Once you successfully submit your order, you will receive an automated e-mail that contains order details and availability of the products or/and services contained therein.

Along the way, we will keep in touch with you from time to time - either automatically or manually composing messages at that time - in order to inform you about your order process or request from you vital information required for your services.

2. Returns

We do not accept returns. Every sale is final. In case of defective service, we collaborate with you to fix the issue.

3. Cancel

If we get in touch with you via e-mail for some required parameter - such as domain name - and you do not respond within five (5) calendar days, we reserve the right to withdraw and amount commitment equal to thirty percent (30%) on the net transaction total as managerial cost.

Subsequently, once we abstract the financial cost (if any) we refund you the rest the same payment way you used to liquidate us. You do not have the right to withdraw, no matter what.

4. Payment ways

a. Bankwire

If you choose to pay by bankwire, you must deposit the full amount and enter - as justification - the token "" and the order reference. Once accomplished, you have to let us know (via phone, e-mail, social networks or otherwise). You have to know in advance, that the order gets confirmed when you deposit the required amount, get in touch with us and we confirm the payment.

Bank accounts

Bank brandname National bank of Greece
IBAN GR86 0110 3370 0000 3370 0568 554

In every bank account the owner is Kogkalidis A. Konstantinos.