In order to provide high-quality services, we have divided our workflow into six basic steps:

  1. Interaction & Research
    During this step, we keep in touch with the client in order to understand his/her needs to any extent. Then we analyze thoroughly potential competitors, in order to understand the mechanisms they own - and probably our client needs too. Moreover, we decompose specific websites - not necessarily relevant to the project main activity - in case the customer gives us directions. Whenever we need clarifications, we contact you over and over again. Once we compose the project basic schema, next comes the right tools' choice, the priorities definition and the final deal concerning the project charges (regular & one-time fees).

  2. Plan making
    Once we receive your payment, we begin with analyzing the project parts. We grab pen and paper - yes indeed - and we start working. You will question yourself "why they do not use a computer". The reason is quite simple. This chapter is proven to be time-consuming. As a result, the long-lasting exposure to screen radiation a sedentary lifestyle can be catastrophic for our health. In general, unfortunately, the profession we truly love inactivates our bodies due to its sluggish nature. To turn the tables, during the day we switch off the computer and may go for a walk or to the local cafe. Do not worry though. We never neglect our obligations. We work - using the right tools - with ease either at the office or elsewhere.

  3. Coding
    Having defined the sectional tasks and having collected all our notes, electronic or not, we begin with the business model main part. We then group our inputs - such as notes, images, designs, PDFs, CSVs - based on the partial main duty and we launch Google Chrome, Filezilla FTP Client and Atom. These are the main development and debugging tools - among many - that are essential for our profession. Primarily - as it is understandable - we install the software and once completed we accomplish the project tasks according to the guidelines or the priorities the applicant has set. It must be noted that despite the fact that we maintain external cooperations with a web designer and other professionals that contribute to a finer result, we have no problem to collaborate - in the context of the project - with another professional the client will dictate.

  4. Testing
    Done; no way. This is the most stressful part of the procedure. In case we have executed the appropriate actions accurately, the agony will soon go away. During its fundamental level, we investigate every single functionality extensively using various devices such as laptop, tablet or - the trend nowadays - smartphone. Next we evaluate the website performance in the context of different web browsers or even different versions. By the same token, we check diverse operating systems like our well-known windows, linux with its uncountable flavours, macOS with the company discrimination policy, Android that a big market share uses because of Google, Symbian that a lot of Nokia phones use, BlackBerry OS and many more as well as many screen sizes and resolutions. Your location and preferences, though, play an important role to a personalized experience, data we retrieve using "cookies". To solve the equation - as expected - we "conscript" every functioning device that uses internet, friends, family and professional contacts, preferably spread all over the world in order to avoid localization issues. To thank all the people that help us deliver high-class services by sharing their invaluable feedback, we give away discounts. Quite simple, right?

  5. Delivery
    Finally. Chillout. We can now cool off physically and spiritually. Usually the client does not possess the required technical expertise and as a result, we have to initiate him/her into the way the platform operates. Once the training has been completed, we usually organize a trip to some adjacent destination for a bit of relaxation. Afterward, we come back to develop new ideas such as a useful module or a modern theme, to look for new cooperation opportunities or just to fix our current clientele projects - in the context of our after-sales support. In the meantime, we write high-quality blog posts. Find out more about our blogging activity in our official blog or our official account on Pinterest.

  6. After sales service
    Considering the frequent updates on internet technologies, the vocation and support to our clients never stop. It is undeniably true that sometimes a fatal error may occur. Usually, we are not held culpable for. Such kind of problem may be the temporary operation pause or the so-called "js conflict". No matter what, who is to blame or who is to fix it, the trouble has to be fixed providing the finest quality, at very short notice, to keep our clients smiling. In the same time, we are constantly looking for ethical ways to compress our expenses. It is funny to have a great time on New Year's Eve and receive a call that makes you go back to your office instantly, isn't it? Undoubtedly, the immediate and adequate customer service is the key factor for your clientele to choose the professionals they will cooperate with. You have to know that customer service plays a more important role - for financially healthy entities - than the project price itself. Particularly in big projects, that the bill will be disbursed through some business fund - and not a household - the price hardly influences the board of directors decision. Regardless of each client financial magnitude, the first-rate quality along with the timely and efficient customer service is a one-way street to being successful. Anything else will lead to massive negative reviews and as an outcome, the financial disaster.